D. F. Chebotarev Institute of Gerontology of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine

About us:

More than 60 years the Institute has been carrying out research along three main directions:

  • biology of aging,
  • clinical gerontology and geriatrics,
  • social gerontology and geriatric hygiene.


DirectorProf. Boris Mankovsky

Scientific Director (deputy director for scientific work): Prof. Valeriy Shatylo

Deputy Director (for scientific and medical work): Prof. Oleksandr Halushko

Scientific SecretaryDr. Viktor Kholin


Vyshgorodska Street, 67, 04114, Kyiv, Ukraine

Web: geront.kiev.ua/en.htm
E-mail: ig@geront.kiev.uavictorkholin@yahoo.com
Fax:+380 44 432-9956

What we do in:

ScienceBusinessAge related pathology treatment and care:Education
· Fundamental and applied aging / age related pathology research
· new drug development
· vitamins/nutraceutical supplements development
· Preclinical research
· clinical research
· contract research
· drug development
· biomarkers research and development
· antiaging research
· personalized medical diagnostics, treatment and care
· Neurodegenerative diseases:
Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease)
· cerebrovascular disorders,
· osteoporosis
· chronic ischemic heart disease
· arterial hypertension and cardiac failure
· Training in gerontology and geriatrics, the doctoral and postgraduate education
· specialized council for PhD defense in the specialties ‘biochemistry’ and ‘normal physiology’
· junior medicine personnel training· elderly care courses

What we have:

Our Basic Research Labs:Our Clinical Research Departments with clinical departments:Outpatients/ inpatients clinic specialists and departments
· Physiology,
· Pathophysiology and immunology,
· Endocrinology,
· Radiobiology,
· Epigenetics,
· Regulation of metabolism,
· Morphology and Cytology,
· Geriatric pharmacology,
· Mathematical modeling of aging processes,
· Social gerontology,
· Professional-labor rehabilitation,
· Nutrition,
· Demography of aging,
· Experimental-biological clinic.
· Clinical physiology and pathology of internal organs,
· Clinical and epidemiological cardiology,
· Clinical physiology and pathology of the bones and joints,
· Age physiology and pathology of the nervous system,
· Physiology and pathology of the extrapyramidal nervous system and
· Cerebrovascular brain pathology
· Cardiologists
· Gastroenterologists
· Gynecologist
· Neurologists
· Orthopedics
· Ophthalmologist
· Physiotherapist
· Dentists
· Urologist
· Clinical laboratory
· Radiology dpt: MRI/CT/X-ray
· Functional diagnostic dpt.

The Institute is the national leader of

  • Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease,
  • cerebrovascular disorders (stroke rehabilitation),
  • osteoporosis/osteoarthritis,
  • arterial hypertension,
  • chronic ischemic heart disease and cardiac failure,
  • geriatric comorbid states.

Our medical centers and associations:

  • Ukrainian scientific-methodological geriatric rehabilitation center,
  • Ukrainian scientific-medical center of osteoporosis,
  • National educational-methodological geriatric center,
  • Ukrainian Association of Parkinson’s disease,
  • Association of Alzheimer disease,
  • Ukrainian Osteoporosis Association,
  • Ukrainian Association of menopause, andropause and bones/joints diseases, and
  • Association of cardio-neurologists of Ukraine.

Our journals:

“Ageing and longevity”, “Problems of Osteology”, “Pain. Joints.Spine”.

Our publications (PubMed), in Scopus

We will be glad to collaborate with you