National Congress of gerontologists and geriatricians of Ukraine

The National Academy of Medical Sciences,
Health Ministry of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Gerontology and Geriatrics Society

Information Letter

Dear colleagues,
It is our distinct pleasure to invite you to attend the 7th National Congress of gerontologists and geriatricians of Ukraine, taking place in Kyiv.
Date: Wednesday 6 – Friday 8, October, 2021
Venue: Dmitry F. Chebotarev Institute of Gerontology
Address: Vyshgorodska Street 67, Kyiv, 04114

The Congress will give an opportunity for exchange information and knowledge between the scientists and representatives of various specialties: cardiologists, gastroenterologists, pulmonologists, nephrologists, epidemiologists, endocrinologists, pharmacologists, family doctors and researchers in experimental and social gerontology.

The format

The Congress’s format will be online, consisting of plenary sessions, symposia, sectional meetings and poster presentations.

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English

Topics for Congress discussions

  • Molecular-genetic mechanisms of aging;
  • Mechanisms of cell aging;
  • Neuro-humoral mechanisms of aging;
  • Stress and age, the ways of increasing stress resistance in the old age;
  • Age-related changes of the physiological systems in aging: cardio-vascular, gastrointestinal, respiratory, nervous, endocrine, blood hemostasis, locomotor apparatus, the urinary system and others;
  • Mechanisms of development of age-dependent pathologies;
  • Accelerated aging, biomarkers, biological and functional age;
  • Development and study of geroprotectors’ efficacy, prevention of accelerated aging and age-dependent diseases;
  • Medico-demographic and social-economic problems of population aging;
  • Elderly people in the family and society, their social protection;
  • Work activity, nutrition, daily living and health;
  • Medical, labor and social rehabilitation;
  • Medico-social aid to the elderly
  • Motor activity and aging;
  • Immunity and immune pathology;
  • Neuro-psychological aspects of aging;
  • Neurogeriatrics;
  • Neuro-degenerative diseases (Parkinson and Alzheimer diseases);
  • Cognitive impairment and depression in older adults;
  • Cognitive functions and personality characteristics, dementia;
  • Diagnosis, prevention and treatment in geriatrics;
  • COVID-19 and Postcovid syndrome in the elderly;
  • Age-related specifics of the cardio-vascular and cerebral-vascular pathologies (epidemiology, risk factors, mechanisms of development, diagnostic,  prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, arterial hypertension, ischemic heart and brain diseases, stroke, heart rhythm disorders and blood flow insufficiency etc.;
  • Microcirculation and blood rheology;
  • Venous diseases;
  • Atherothrombosis and thromboembolia in geriatric practice;
  • Renal pathology;
  • Aging and hematopoiesis;
  • Osteoporosis and aging; rheumatic, bone and joint diseases;
  • Surgery and urology in geriatrics;
  • Geriatric stomatology;
  • Ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology in geriatrics;
  • Aging and endocrine pathology;
  • Menopause and aging of women;
  • Andropause and aging of men;
  • Oncology;
  • Geriatric pharmacology;
  • Non-pharmacological treatment.

Instruction for abstract preparation

One page abstract printed in Times New Roman #14 with 1.5 interval, 60-62 signs in a line, 30 lines per page should be sent by e-mail to the Conference Secretariat. The abstract should contain the following sections: introduction, aim, material and methods, results and conclusion. Please upload your abstract up to 300 words.
Capitalize the first letters in your abstract title.
Underline the authors’ surnames and initials. All authors should be identified by surname and then initial(s) or first name. Next line contains the city name and institution.

Deadline for abstract submission is June 1, 2021. 

Oral and poster presentations will be selected on the basis of the submitted abstracts.
The cost of publication of one page abstract is $25 or 20 Euro. Please submit your scanned payment document copy by e-mail to the Secretariat.
Payment should be made by bank transfer to the Institute of Gerontology account in USD or EURO:

Account Holder:  D.F. Chebotarev Institute of Gerontology, NAMS of Ukraine.
Bank Account Number: UA383223130000025307000000206
Bank Address: 127 Antonovycha Str., 03150 Kyiv, Ukraine
Intermediary Banks:

EURDeutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main, GermanyDEUT DE FF100 9498767 10 EUR
EURRaiffeisen Bank International AG, Vienna, AustriaRZBA AT WW001-50.087.824
USDJP Morgan Chase Bank N. A., New York, USACHAS US 33400-124432
USDDeutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, New York, USABKTR US 3304094227
USDCitibank N. A., New York, USACITI US 3336083522
USDThe Bank of New York Mellon, New York, USAIRVT US 3N8901487651

Please contact the Secretariat by phone if you submit an abstract and do not receive confirmation that it has been received.

Registration fee is $50 or 40 Euro upon arrival.

Secretariat Address:Dr. Natalia Grygorieva D.F. Chebotarev Institute of Gerontology Vyshgorodska Street 67 Kyiv 04114 Ukraine
Telephone:+380 44 2295867 (IVR); +380 44 4304068.
Fax:+380 44 4329956;  

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